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I first discovered Mr. Nakase's picture frames in a chic café run by my friend.
I can still recall my feelings of excitement as I looked at the individuality of each frame that lined the walls of the café. 
My own parents' house is decorated with many family photos displayed in picture frames. 
As I gaze at pictures of all the different generations of my family, my heart is warmed, and I realize that through the work of beauty, I am helping my clients to capture the important moments in their lives. 
Once, for a mother whose daughter was moving to Tokyo, I put a pre-coming-of-age ceremony photo of the daughter in her long-sleeved kimono into one of these picture frames. I sent it to her mother and when she received it, she was absolutely elated. 
I think photographs are tools we use to feel closer to those who are important to us. 
Even though we live busy lives in the present, I think that precious memories and happy recollections from the past are what keep us going from day to day.
When you happen to look around the room and see a reminder of a happy memory from an earlier time, your past is connected to your present. 
Though the clock ticks further into the future, in that moment, in that ordinary day, you are able to experience a bit of time travel.
In order for you to cherish these subtle moments, Mr. Nakase of Kao Frame Studio has made picture frames for us that are full of originality. 
If you would put a treasured photograph into one of our beautiful frames and use it to decorate your house, we would be most delighted. 

Creator: Mr. Nakase

Picture framing is a term you probably don't hear very often these days, eh?
This type of work entails selecting which type of frame will be used and designing how the setting will be arranged according to the picture that will be put in it. 
As with paintings and such, there is of course the matter of choosing the frame and matboard; however, when a person's treasured possession is put into the frame, that is when true design ability can be realized. 
One who wants to display their kimono sash tied in a certain way; another who wants to put tools they used into the frame, others who want to display their pictures and keepsakes together; the list goes on: responding to these requests is truly wonderful work.

Prices are decided according to size

Frames come in three different sizes: 10x12 (25.4cm x 30.5cm),  8x10 (20.3cm x 25.4), and 5x7 (13cm x 18cm).
Prices are 5500 yen, 4000 yen, 3000 yen, respectively. (Excluding tax)

Product Features

1. These frames come in three different colors: navy blue, white, and gray.
Navy blue is a bit distinct, white has an antique look to it, and gray is quite chic.
Please specify the frame color when ordering.

2. By bringing out distinct characteristics in the materials, these frames exude a subtle elegance.
3. A white frame to emphasize the photo that will be put in it 

4. For a stylish touch, a frame with tapered edges that comes in gold, silver, and white. These three colors can be combined as you like to create a custom frame.
You can customize the design to suit your taste, for example, putting gold vertical and white horizontal or making the horizontal edge on top gold and the rest white, to give you some ideas.

The navy blue frame is shown with a navy matboard, but according to your preference, we do have other colors available.
For our mats, we generally use colors close to white (not pure white), but color mats are available by request.
If you decide to go with color, the mat for the 5x7 will be free, the mat for the 8x10 will be an additional 400 yen, and the mat for the 10x12 will be an additional 500 yen. (Excluding tax)

For additional special requests,  we will put together a separate estimate. 
The delivery time for frames with special requests is generally 10 days from when the order is placed.

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