What's location photo?

On-location photos consist of getting out of the studio and shooting at a location of your choice, whether it be at a famous landmark, in nature, or at a place that is especially memorable to you. 

Enjoy a feeling of openness while taking photos with a backdrop of autumn leaves, cherry blossoms, or bright greenery, giving your pictures a sense of the season. These are becoming popular settings for wedding and coming-of-age ceremonies, Shichi-go-san festivals, and maternity photos alike. 


Maternity photos are shot in order to most beautifully highlight the wondrous life you are growing in your belly.
In the rich nature of Izu, let's document this precious time with your baby, feeling a sense of life and comfort that is incredibly unique to this moment.


Capturing the joy that comes with having found the person you will walk through life with forever, in pictures, is truly special. 


We accept preparation (hair/makeup/dressing, etc.) and photo shoot requests for coming-of-age ceremonies, Shichi-go-san festivals, school entrance ceremonies, graduations, and more.
Please refer to the price list for our standard rates. For requests that differ from our regular offerings,  we will put together a separate estimate. 
To get started, feel free to contact us via the inquiry form.

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Based in Ito City on the Izu Peninsula, we are a hair and makeup salon with a focus on bridal services. 
If you are interested in using our services or have any questions, feel free to contact us via the inquiry form on our home page.


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