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A romantic from an early age. Always fascinated by beautiful and fashionable things. Once I immersed myself in beauty, time was forgotten and the outside world fell away. This holds true as much today as it did then. 
I was born into a traditional Japanese household in the snow country of Niigata where my family ran a sake brewery. However, because my mother was a Japanese teacher, I grew up in an environment where we frequently had guests from overseas visiting.   
This greatly influenced me, and I came to realize that there are many different countries in the world, each with their own value. Meeting each person, I thought, "There is no person the same as this one; there is no life the same as this one."

Even as a young child, I felt that this was something truly interesting.We each have own personalities, with different things we hope for each day and different measures of happiness. The ways in which we think about life and the things in it (relationships, work, romance, marriage, play, money, etc.) also vary from person to person. 
But one thing you could say we have in common is that we all wish to live a life of our own, and to live that life in happiness. Wouldn’t you say?

We try to achieve this through trial and error, venturing down various paths, acting boldly, considering things seriously……right? Haha

Through hairstyling, makeup, and photography, I want to bring out what makes each person "them" in various scenes of life. 
Especially for women, I think that feeling beautiful is connected to confidence, energy, and motivation in our lives. 

By simply altering your usual makeup slightly, you can brighten your state of mind and through photography, discover the charm of a "new you", feeling that sense of delight when you see a big smile on the face of that special person in your life. 
I believe that these small pleasures eventually lead to the power of great happiness as they accumulate.

"Enrich your life through beauty." If I could help you do this, I would feel most fortunate.

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Based in Ito City on the Izu Peninsula, we are a hair and makeup salon with a focus on bridal services. 
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