Mishima Sozoro Walk

At this event, after dressing guests in yukatas, together we explore the city of Mishima, enjoying live performances, workshops, and taking on-location photos. In summer, yukatas give off a cool and refreshing atmosphere.

Experiencing tea culture in yukatas at Guesthouse Zen no Yu in the Amagi Onsen area

Australian guests who came to stay at Guesthouse Zen no Yu and attend the retreat. 
The theme of this retreat to experience the Zen of Japanese culture was “Journey.” I was in charge of the yukata dressing for the “Experiencing Tea Culture in Yukatas” event. 
In this one week trip, guests got to see Kawazu cherry blossoms, visit a wasabi farm, explore the areas of Hakone and Jogasaki, and venture into the mountains of Amagi, overall fully enjoying Japanese culture and the nature of Izu.
*Guesthouse Zen no Yu in the Amagi Onsen area: Onsen (hot spring) facility located in Izu City in Shizuoka Prefecture.
The guesthouse referenced above was originally a facility where people who came to worship at temples or shrines could stay.
Presently, many of these facilities accept general tourists as well. 
Trips to experience and learn about, and also to stay overnight in, temples and shrines are becoming more varied in their offerings.

a 30th-birthday ceremony.

To celebrate turning 30, a group of classmates threw themselves a 30th-birthday ceremony. 
After dressing each guest in a stunning long-sleeved kimono and doing their hair and makeup, we did a photo shoot  at Tokaikan, a well-known historical site in Ito City. 

Picture taken at: Ito-shi Tokai-kan http://itospa.com/feature/tokaikan/

Hairstyling · Makeup Workshop

Occasionally, we hold special events with workshops on how to do hairstyling and makeup.
Please refer to the Campaign section of our website for details.
Lessons on how to do hair and makeup are also available outside of our scheduled events. 
Based on your objectives, we offer lectures that cover material from minor troubleshooting solutions to more in-depth lessons.
Please consult us regarding private lessons, group lessons, etc.
Please refer to the price list on our home page for rates.

Private lesson (3 hours)

●Hair arranging lesson
●Make up lesson

5000 yen per person, per lesson

Please consult us regarding the lesson contents (e.g. how to do your own hair and makeup, how to do hair and makeup for clients, etc.)
Please contact us regarding group or mini lessons.
In addition, we offer special pricing for our other events.
Please refer to the Campaign section of our website for details.

About Me*

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