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As a place where colleagues can regularly express themselves freely, we work to create art that combines each of our unique abilities and allows us to enjoy experimenting in ways that are not often permitted in our daily work.
Through everyone working together to create one thing that is completely different from our day-to-day work, we are able to create space for experimentation that allows us to discover new techniques and ideas that can then be incorporated into our regular work.

The theme of our on-location photo shoot in February 2016 was "Wild Culture."
Using colorful feathers and yarn, we expressed an indigenous, wild view of the world. 

The theme of our on-location photo shoot in November 2017 was "Sand Color."
Using sand-colored garments made of linen cloth, as well as dreadlocks, we worked to express an achromatic, gritty view of the world at a beach location.

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Based in Ito City on the Izu Peninsula, we are a hair and makeup salon with a focus on bridal services. 
If you are interested in using our services or have any questions, feel free to contact us via the inquiry form on our home page.


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