As there are fluctuations depending on the case, such as venue, contents, schedule and arrangement number of people, we will estimate each time after asking your request at the time of request. Please feel free to contact us.

Coming-of-age ceremony

All‐in price ¥16,000

●Hair           ¥4,000円 (Excluding tax)
●Make up          ¥4,000円 (Excluding tax)
●Dressing-Kitsuke     ¥8,000円 (Excluding tax)

Photo shoot assistant ¥16,000(Excluding tax)
*Dress care, makeup touch-ups, carrying needed items, setting/arranging, etc.

Shichi-go-san, or the Seven-Five-Three Ceremony, in the Modern Day

3years oldAll‐in price ¥8,000

●Hair            ¥3,000円 (Excluding tax)
●Make up           ¥2,000円 (Excluding tax)
●Dressing-Kitsuke        ¥3,000円 (Excluding tax)

5years oldAll‐in price ¥5,000

●Hair            ¥1,000円 (Excluding tax)
●Make up           ¥4,000円 (Excluding tax)

7years oldAll‐in price ¥13,000

●Hair            ¥4,000円 (Excluding tax)
●Make up           ¥3,000円 (Excluding tax)
●Dressing-Kitsuke        ¥6,000円 (Excluding tax)

Photo shoot assistant ¥5,000 (Excluding tax)

◆General Beauty

Hair Set&Make Up

●Hair Set          ¥4,000円 (Excluding tax)
●Make Up         ¥4,000円 (Excluding tax)
●Making up only parts of one's face instead of doing a full make-up job    
                                      ¥3,000円 (Excluding tax)




●Houmongi & Tomesode    ¥6,000円 (Excluding tax)
●Furisode          ¥8,000円 (Excluding tax)
●Montsuki & Hakama     ¥6,000円 (Excluding tax)
●Hakama Dressing       ¥6,000円 (Excluding tax)

Mimitsubo jewely

●Try 1 symptoms               ¥1,000円 (Excluding tax)
●2 symptoms                     ¥2,000円 (Excluding tax)
●All-you-can paste             ¥3,000円 (Excluding tax)

The main symptoms:Small face lift up・Anorectic activity・Beautiful skin・ncrease metabolism・Stiff shoulder・Stiff neck・Lumbago・Headache・Eyestrain・Dropsy・Sensitivity to cold・Period pain・Constipation・Stress (irritability, depression, anxiety)

Photo shoot

Photo shoot assistant ¥5,000 (Excluding tax)

Beauty and photos are inseparable relationships. Jamil YAYOI will arrange photographers not only for beauty care but also for photographers. We will introduce the best photographer according to shooting spot and request. Regarding the shooting fee, we will quote your request and estimate it.

*Photo shoot assistant....Afterwards We accompany you to photography, we will do hair makeup, checking of kimono, we will fix again.

* When requesting a business trip to a distant place, there is a case that you will receive a business trip fee separately.

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